A happy customer!

A previous customer of mine has been kind enough to write this for me. It might help you get to grips with my work a little more. Enjoy!


We adopted Dennis, a two-year-old Shar-Pei, in June 2016. Dennis was a quiet boy, to begin with, but within two weeks, he had found his feet and believed he was the boss of the house. He was difficult to control, particularly when out walking and did not know how to behave with other dogs, always barking at others, and random members of the public.
Dennis loves to talk and would bark at our house cat; bark at passers-by through the living room window or front door (whichever was more convenient for Dennis) and bark at visitors to the house. Most concerning of all for me was that he would bark at my husband to challenge his authority.
We called Phillipe who visited us at home for an initial two-hour assessment. The session was fascinating. Phillipe gave us the insight into why Dennis was behaving in this way and trained us as owners to behave appropriately so Dennis was aware of his place in the family. I truly believe that this is the most important part of Phillipe’s work, in making the owners aware of the dog’s thinking and how we should behave so they are clear on where they fit in and what the boundaries are.
Phillipe also provided us with important information on the breed. We had previously owned a Collie/Shar-Pei cross so thought we were familiar with the unique tendencies of the Shar-Pei but this was not the case. We knew shar-peis were stubborn but Dennis took stubbornness to a new level! Phillipe helped us understand where we were going wrong.
Following Phillipe’s initial assessment, we agreed on a series of weekly training sessions where we would take Dennis to the park to practice his recall and his behaviour with other dogs; walking technique so Dennis could understand what we expected of him when out and about; we would work on getting Dennis used to the cat; general behaviour in the house and towards us as family members and visitors to the house.
I truly enjoyed our training sessions and watching the huge change in Dennis but the best part of all, was seeing Dennis’ reaction to Phillipe when he arrived at the house. Dennis truly enjoyed his time with Phillipe as I did as the human trainee.
I cannot recommend Phillipe highly enough.

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