Does breed determine personality?

It is one of the most common myths around dogs that a breed can determine a dog’s personality. There is no such thDog sways in a child seat on a swing seting as a “best behaved dog breed”.

Many people assume that Pit Bulls are always tough and aggressive, or that a Chihuahua will always be a yappy princess. But the truth is that there are plenty of Pit Bulls out there want nothing more than to cuddle with you on the couch, while there are also many Chihuahuas who bark, growl and bite every time you go near them. The bottom line is that a dog’s breed is NOT the most important thing in determining their personality traits, or how that dog will behave in the big wide world.

So what does influence your dog’s behaviour the most? Well that’s all down to you. By ensuring that your dog receives the right training whilst they are still a puppy you can make sure that your dog develops into a loving member of the family.

Prey drive is of course a factor- some dogs such as German Sheppards have it in their nature to chase cats down the road. But sometimes this can be a desirable factor, for example if you live on a farm where there are mice, then this may be a useful characteristic.

It’s important to realise that all dogs are different, just like people. The breed of dog doesn’t really have a big effect on personality traits. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a pedigree or a mutt, a collie or a pit bull- some have high energy and some are really lovely friendly dogs. It varies.

A dog’s personality will become more apparent as the dog ages, so maybe getting a dog that is a couple of years old would be an advantage. However with a little training any character trait can be moulded and changed.


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