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A selection of reviews and testimonials from some of Philippe’s satisfied clients.

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Philippe was recommended to me. I have two 5 year old Cocker Spaniels who, though great around the house and with people, were very nervous around other dogs after being attacked when puppies and hence could not be off-lead around other dogs.

It has been a long journey but thanks to Philippe’s effort I can walk both dogs on and off lead around the park and both dogs have a lot more confidence.

One of Philippe’s strengths is he “trains” you as well and I have found this immensely rewarding as I can enjoy my walks again.

I would recommend Philippe to everyone and only wish I had contacted him when the dogs were puppies.

John H – June 2014

Philippe has been a great help to me in teaching our Border Collie puppy, Archie, not to pull when we are out walking. As usual, the problem is the owner, not the dog! Philippe has offered good advice and has trained me well!! I now feel I have the tools to continue our training together and Improve day by day. Archie is much better behaved all round after our time with Philippe.

Thank you!

I would have no hesitation in contacting Philippe again if I had any further issue with Archie.

Mrs T Grey – June 2013

Philippe has been giving me one to one training with my GSD Seve, who suffers with fear aggression towards other dogs. Seve totally respects Philippe and he has helped me to understand so much regarding my dog’s behaviour and in doing so, he has made me more confident handling Seve when amongst other dogs.

We are making great progress and I look forward to every training session with Philippe.  He is an amazing dog trainer and a friend who is always there for us when we need him.

Liz and Mike – June 2013

I would highly recommend Philippe after an excellent spell of personal training with Holly, our West Highland Terrier puppy. Holly responded immediately to Philippe on his first home visit and he was really supportive in helping to set some house rules for her and to develop ours and other family members confidence in handling her to be responsive also.

He is highly knowledgeable, professional, flexible and always available to discuss progress. Holly has progressed massively since, thanks to Philippe’s style to incorporate his own dogs to support the training! A really personable training experience. Thank you Philippe!

Mr David Woolston – January 2012

Philippe had quite a challenge working with my two rescue Doberman’s who joined the family a year apart and who had very different behaviour challenges. He has been brilliant and worked with them individually and both together.

I have seen such a change in both
their behaviour and particularly the confidence of the male who spent the whole of his two years life in kennels before coming to live with me. I can’t recommend Philippe highly enough,
once you have met with him and he has started working with your dog you will feel the same way.

Ms Morgan Fackrell – March 2012

My three disobedient dogs immediately responded to Philippe on his first visit.
I am now able to take a calm enjoyable walk with them and feel confident to let them of their leads, knowing they will return to me. This makes three happier dogs and one happier owner. I highly recommend Philippe as our local “dog whisperer”.

Mrs A.M. Skellon – September 2011

After five minutes with Philippe, I knew he was the right dog trainer for me. He’s extremely professional and he knows exactly what he is doing with dogs. Since having Philippe’s training, my dog has gone from an extremely unsure dog to a confident well rounded dog. I can’t sing this guy’s praises enough!

Mr S. Crews – August 2011

I would highly recommend Philippe. As soon as he met my 5 month old puppy, he had her immediately under his spell! Philippe was able to train her to be a happy, obedient member of our family. He also helped me to be a more responsible dog owner.

After finishing our sessions, he has always been available on the phone, at any time that I have had problems.

Mrs P. James – September 2011

After one session training with Philippe, my dog Charlie has dramatically changed his behaviour. Within this session, Philippe explained how to change my understanding of my dogs needs and provided me with positive skills to help me train my dog on a daily basis. You have to see it to believe it! Thank you Philippe.

Christopher Mills – October 2012

We first contacted Philippe prior to choosing our Labrador puppy and he gave us some invaluable advice on what to look for and how to settle the puppy in the first few weeks.

By the time we met Philippe a few weeks into puppy ownership, we were quite smug with ourselves thinking that he we’d done well as he was already toilet trained which was great but we hadn’t noticed that he’d taken over the house! Our puppy instantly respected and adored Philippe although he scared me a little at first! Despite being quite boisterous and challenging he trained well… graduating just before 5 months!

We can now walk him off lead as he is so responsive and we have had many people comment on how well trained he is. He is still a puppy and is full of energy and enthusiasm but he is more manageable. Only wish Philippe would train the kids too!

Thanks Philippe, great job and Yogi misses you!

L Gould – June 2012

I have known and used Philippes’ dog training service several times. The first was for a Rottie x Dogue de Bordeux with really bad hip dysplasia meaning she couldn’t attend regular dog training classes. Philippe designed & delivered a specific plan for her, resulting in a far happier dog (and a far happier owner).

The second time was for a rescue Welsh mountain dog, who was nervous of the whole world. Once again a specific plan was put in place and he turned into the most fabulous individual.

The biggest challenge I have given Philippe (and my biggest personal challenge) is for my current rescue GSD. Her story is very sad, as she had been locked up since a puppy, not walked, beaten and not socialised at all. To say she is scared of everything is to put it mildly! She is a work in progress and she is making positive steps forward.

Philippe puts together individual plans for each dog. For the three dogs of mine that he has worked with, the approach and needs are completely different. Through positive training methods and a clear description of why these techniques are necessary, I have seen brilliant results.

I cannot recommend Philippe highly enough.

Jenni A – June 2012

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