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Philippe can offer two kinds of training packages that each feature hands on, personally tailored training containing specific exercises and techniques for you and your dogs.

Single Visit Dog Training and Obedience Services:

Dog on LeadFor most dogs and owners, who simply want to correct some basic behavioural challenges and issues, Philippe can deliver swift and prompt solutions, which will instantly have benefits for your dog, yourself and your entire family.  Philippe will visit your home, where he will make an initial assessment of your dog and their environment before delivering thorough training for both dog and owners, along with ‘homework’ exercises that will continually develop and improve the progress made during the visit.

Some of the more common dog and puppy behavioural challenges include; excessive barking, nibbling at clothes and fingers, jumping up at you, your family and guests, getting over excited, pulling on the lead and acting aggressively towards other dogs. Most of these challenges can be overcome in a single visit but for more sever or persistent challenges, Philippe can offer structured dog training programmes.

Structured Training Programmes:

Obedience Training for DogsAlthough the majority of dogs and owners can overcome most behavioural challenges, some situations can call for more intensive training.  For particularly challenging dogs, Philippe will make an in-depth behavioural assessment and tailor a structured plan that will be delivered through regular training sessions with you and your dog.

Common Dog Behavioural Issues:

There are many frequently encountered and common behavioural issues for domestic, family canines.  The vast majority of these behavioural traits can be addressed in a single training session, thanks to Philippe’s years of experience with a huge variety of dogs and puppies and his employment of tried and trusted methods and techniques that have brought harmony to many dogs and dog owners over the years.

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