Training Your Puppy

Jack Russel PuppyHave you just got a puppy or still considering? Puppies learn very quickly, and their training needs to start early as they will begin to display their natural abilities from a very young age. As dog owners, we need to master, satisfy and sometimes amplify these abilities.

Just like every human has different personalities, so do your dogs!

So, when you are selecting your puppy, bear in mind that they have different behaviours, as your children at home each have their individual characteristics and potential abilities. Once you’ve selected your new puppy, be prepared to start the training as soon as possible as you may begin with that of your new-born child.

Giving your puppy a job can do wonders for their mental stimulation!

Consider teaching them games such as “find your toy” after hiding it and then rewarding them with positive affirmation when they bring it to you.

Practice consistent training with your puppy! 

Reward-based training is one of the most positive and effective ways to train your puppy. Use positive physical reinforcement, such as their favourite toy or tasty treat, coupled with lots of praise which is provided as soon as your dog or puppy obeys the command.

Training puppies can be hard work, so remember to stay positive! I work with dogs of all ages and can help set you onto the right path with basic obedience and puppy training.

Call me at 07745 527708 to discuss your puppy and get a quote today!

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