Foods That You SHOULDN’T Be Feeding Your Dog

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the UK with an estimated 9 million as pets in the UK! It’s hard to draw the line between pet and human as they’re such a part of the family, however there are some strict rules to follow regarding food. Certain foods can be incredibly dangerous to dogs, and whilst chocolate is well known, there are lots of foods that you wouldn’t suspect!


  • OrangePug Waiting to Eat Pie Citric acid in oranges will severely affect your dogs’ digestive system resulting a lot worse than a poorly tummy!
  • Coconut and coconut products
    Coconuts are full of potassium which is great for a human, but far too much for a dog’s body to handle!
  • Avocado
    The nut core of the avocado contains glyceric acid, which cannot be metabolized by dogs.
  • Grapes and grape products
    Raisins contain more than 40% fructose, which can lead to severe kidney problems in dogs, potentially failure.
  • Macadamia nuts
    Nuts contain too much fat and protein which they can’t digest.
  • Tomato
    Tomatoes contain alkaloids and atropine; the dog’s stomach cannot adapt.
  • Onion
    Onions contain a toxic substance that can oxidize hemoglobin after eating.
  • Milk
    The ingredients of dog milk and cows milk are completely the opposite! Dog milk contains high protein, high fat and low lactose, whilst cow’s milk contains low protein, low fat and high lactose. A pup’s stomach cannot absorb and digest the milk.
  • Raw eggs
    Raw egg protein binds to biotin in the dog’s intestine and deactivates it. Eggs should be cooked and given to dogs.
  • Animal liver
    Animal liver is rich in vitamin A, which can cause vitamin A poisoning. However, an occasional small amount of liver does not have a huge effect.
  • Chocolate
    Theobromine in chocolate can cause poisoning in dogs.
  • Coffee, tea and caffeinated beverages
    Coffee or tea contains caffeine or tea polyphenols. It is a stimulant that accelerates blood flow and leads to rapid heartbeat.
  • Alcoholic foods and beverages
    Excessive alcohol can inhibit the dog’s central nervous system, causing the dog’s blood to respond abnormally acidic and can be fatal.
  • Tobacco
    Nicotine in tobacco affects the dog’s digestive system and nervous system.
  • Too salty food
    Because dog sweat glands are too weak, dogs only have sweat glands on the soles of their feet. Dogs reduce their heat through their breath, or panting, and salt makes it difficult to do so!


Our pets are our family and so whilst we want to feed them from the table or our own plate, we need to know what is safe! For more information, Healthline offers an amazing list that expands upon mine: click here!

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